Hair Products

Natuphitus looked into nature to find the best extracts to develop its hair product line and give origin to shampoos and conditioners that clean, soften and perfume hair. Developed for daily use, these products' formulas are meant to treat different types of hair: natural, dyed, chemically treated, oily o dried.

To complete the hair treatment cycle, Natuphitus produces reconditioning oils for the tips. All designed to provide your hair with the care and smoothness it deserves.

Capillary Oils

A treatment that helps seal hydration and protection after washing. Shinier and more resistant strands with Yabae oils.


Conditioners with natural extracts used for specific purposes to condition your hair. With natural extracts and without artificial colors. Conditioning and softness for your hair, returning the necessary nutrients and making hairstyling easier.


The Yabae Curles line is on the market with everything you need to deeply hydrate your hair, without leaving it heavy or without movement. They are the right products to achieve perfect, light and flexible curls.


The Desamareladora line, helps in the treatment of blond hair, gray and wicks. Shampoo, conditioner and mask, its main function, promote''matização'', ie the neutralization of yellow shades, without damaging the hair.

ZIPCARE Hair Masks

Recommended for hair that suffers from climatic and chemical aggressions. It is important that in addition to the shampoo and conditioner of your choice, you use a capillary treatment mask to provide the nutrients, strength, protection and shine your strands need. Zipcare is an innovative line of Capillary Masks in Pouche with a zip closure in inexpensive packaging that can also be used as a refill and carries an affordable price. Each mask provides a unique hair treatment, but with several benefits to the hair, due to a formulation rich in protection, nourishing and shine.

Yabae masks

For a deeper treatment of hair. Its formulation restores the wires, gives strength, shine, protects hair against physical attacks day to day, as well as nourish and moisturize. The effects can be seen immediately after the first use.

Conditioning Shampoo - NEO 3x1 For Men

1. Washes and conditions hair 2. Sanitizes the body 3. Washes beards and helps with shaving The Neo For Men Yabae Conditioning Shampoo 3 in 1 is a multifunctional male product that cleanses hair and body, conditions and makes shaving easier, providing practicality every day. It has a refreshing fragrance and active composition, so you can leave your shower or bath with a pleasant refreshing sense of cleanliness. It has Baobab Protein, D-Panthenol and Conditioning Polymer in its composition, which together confer anti-oil action, nutrition and damage recovery. The application is easy, just massage into damp hair, body and beard, until a creamy foam forms. The product can also be used in the shaving process.


These shampoos have natural extracts of specific purposes to wash your hair. Cleanse your roots without damaging your scalp and hair fiber. Shampoos have no added salt or artificial colors.