Natuphitus works focusing on what it knows best: quality cosmetics and beauty products. We offer our 20-year expertise in industrialization to others.
We take on the production process for partner companies, manufacturing, packing and delivering all products with quality guarantee and respecting their peculiarities as well as our deadlines.
For us, this entails an opportunity to widen our creative and technical development. For third parties, it\'s a possibility to gain a competitive edge, keeping business as the target and offering their clients quality products that stand out in the market.
By choosing Natuphitus as a partner in products outsourcing, your company absorbs technical merits, reduces costs and becomes more competitive. Our knowledge of the cosmetics market allows us to be always on the front, anticipating trends that will make a difference in your business.
Natuphitus develops formulas according to your needs, it manufactures all the products and registers the products in ANVISA, under your brand. All outsourcing products undergo a strict quality control, which ensures the factory features until the final consumer.
This constitutes a complete, safe and responsible process, sponsored by a brand leading the national market.