Body Products

We looked into nature and its many aromas for inspiration to create the most complete body product line. For bath time, we developed products that cleanse, soften and perfume your skin, with floral and fruit fragrances, made of soft and natural ingredients.

The after bath is also important in the body care routine. Thus, Natuphitus thought of everyday moisturizing lotions and body splashes that leave a nice fresh feeling all day long.

Specific care is also part of our body product line, with deodorants, intimate soaps, softening oils, massage lotions and hands and feet lotions. All of it very fondly designed for you to take care of every part of your body.

Golden Body Tan Effect Body Foundation

Helps you to keep a beautiful tan all year round or whenever you wish. A foundation that offers a creamy, quick-drying texture, which in addition to providing the tan effect, moisturizes the skin.

Cool Post Sun Gel with Aloe Vera

Extract The perfect product to use in the summer after sun exposure. It returns the nutrients lost while exposing your skin to the heat, refreshing, relieving burns and calming the skin at the same time.


Hydration and smoothness. Special cares. All the freshness and relaxation your body deserves.
Feel your skin soft and smooth for longer, your body deserves this care!